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About Us
BFS Legal is a full service law firm that handles with equal dexterity corporate compliances, documentation, complex agreements and also provides complete litigation support. Dedicated to professional excellence, quality support and effective solution-oriented advocacy, BFS Legal has the backing of some of the best brains in the profession. The firm boasts of an exhaustive clientele ranging from corporates and individuals of international repute to lesser known entities who have availed the wide ranging legal services offered by the firm.

BFS Legal has a team of dedicated professionals known for their focused approach and clinical analysis of issues presented to them. The network of associate offices both within India and overseas ensure that its clients, no matter where, obtain the best professional services.

Value Proposition to Client
The Firm provides high quality, cost-effective legal service through attention to client relationships, practice and geographic diversity, and investment in people and technology.
BFS Legal combines a personal approach with high professional standards to provide comprehensive legal services to its clients. Understanding today’s commercial constraints, the firm strictly operates as per committed time Schedules and is focused on solution-based dispute resolution to avoid lengthy litigation thus saving considerable management time and cost for its clients
The common denominator among the firms’ clientele is the satisfaction of having received high quality legal services, whether on court or off it.
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